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Help for helium users is on the way

24 Nov 2019

Given the geopolitical risks, it’s not a good idea to depend on Qatar, Algeria, and Russia as a source of helium.

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Helium supply reliability comes at a price

01 Nov 2019

“Helium supply has fluctuated from a slight surplus when the large Qatar 2 production came fully onstream in 2014…”

By Maura D. Garvey

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Nothing on Earth Can Replace Helium

NYT 04 Sept 2019

“Liquid helium has helped build billion-dollars industries and generate multiple Nobel Prizes.”

By Dr. Joseph DiVerdi
Chemistry Professor

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Necessity is the mother of invention

20 June 2019

“Noble Helium driving critical new helium exploration efforts… “

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Helium: An Irreplaceable Resource and Why We Must Conserve It

10 June 2019

“Learn from the best and brightest minds in chemistry… “

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Global Helium Shortage

09 Apr 2019

“Prices have soared for versatile gas used in everything from MRIs to smartphone manufacturing… “

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Understanding the East African Rift System

15 August 2019

“Dr David Hilton Isotope Geo Chemist”

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