Eyasi and Manyara Projects

Noble Helium has five Prospecting Licenses (PL), covering 1,138km2 in the Eyasi Basin and four PLs applications, covering 855km2 in the Manyara Basin, both located in central northern Tanzania.

Road access to the Eyasi Basin Project from Dar es Salaam is via the Tanzanian Capital of Dodoma, in the centre of the country.

Air access is via Arusha, the major tourist centre in northern Tanzania, followed by road access west toward Ngorongoro for approximately 100km to the Manyara Project Area and 160km to the Eyasi Project Area.

Figure 1. Eyasi Basin Prospecting Licences and Manyara Basin Licence Applications

Noble Helium is planning an initial data acquisition campaign for the Eyasi and Manyara Areas, similar to the Rukwa Basin, that will provide initial structural, stratigraphic and geochemical insights into the basin. This planned work program includes:

  • Identify internal structural trends from legacy gravity and airborne magnetic field data
  • Completion of surface geochemistry surveys to identify areas of each basin that demonstrate greater helium concentrations associated with high nitrogen and low CO2; and
  • Geological sampling and analysis programs.