North Nyasa Project

Noble Helium holds two Prospecting Licences (PL) totalling 466km2 in the North Basin of the Nyasa (Malawi) Rift area. The project is located approximately 230 km to the southeast of the Lake Rukwa area, along the northern part of Lake Nyasa (Malawi). The Nyasa Rift is a continuation of the Western Branch of the EARS and forms part of the western border of southwestern Tanzania with Malawi.

The Nyasa project area is accessible by road via the TANZAM highway from Dar es Salaam to Mbeya at the southern end of Lake Rukwa, followed by regional roads south, directly to Noble Helium’s PLs.

Figure 1. North Nyasa Prospecting Licences

The University of Dar es Salaam successfully completed a Soil Gas Survey over the North Nyasa Project in Q4 2022. The results demonstrate areas of anomalous helium concentrations at up to 7.8 parts per million (ppm), or over 40% above background. This additional helium can only be explained as the result of micro-seepage from underground, supporting the North Nyasa project’s helium prospectivity.

The Company is now carrying out a detailed analysis of the North Nyasa SGS data and in combination with the legacy airborne gravity gradiometry and 2D seismic exploration dataset, the Company has a goal to develop a Prospective Resource Estimate, following the same process that achieved an independently certified unrisked summed mean Helium Prospective Resource of 176BCF at the Company’s North Rukwa Helium Project.

Figure 2. North Nyasa Soil Gas Survey areas