A New Approach to Helium Gas Exploration

The 100+ year old method of extracting helium from natural gas wells containing tiny concentrations of helium – 0.3% to 0.5% – has served us well, but is limited and pressure to stop sourcing fossil fuels is mounting due to climate change.

In the areas we have under licence in Tanzania, we expect to find global scale volumes. Already in Tanzania we have observed seeps of up to 18% helium at surface; this is almost 40 times the normal concentrations in the small number of natural gas fields that currently provide most of the world’s helium.

The geology here has never been tested but is near-ideal for the large independent helium reserves needed to secure global supply.

We have independent certification of helium resource estimates for the first of 4 basins under licence or Application (Certified Prospective Resources or CPRs).