North Rukwa Project

The North Rukwa Project is the Company’s flagship project located in the Rukwa Basin in southwest Tanzania, which comprises twelve granted Prospecting Licences (PL) covering a combined area of approximately 1,467km2.

The North Rukwa project area is accessible by road via the TANZAM highway from Dar es Salaam to Mbeya at the southern end of Lake Rukwa, followed by regional roads north, to Sumbawanga on the western side of Lake Rukwa and to Gua on the eastern side of Lake Rukwa.

Figure 1. North Rukwa Helium PLs and Leads to date

Lead Name Summer Mean* Unrisked Prospective Helium Volumes Bcf
Chilichili* 10.5
Kambale* 20.7
Gege* 87.2
Katanta 23.2
Mbale 4.7
Kalawi* 10.2
Mbelele* 10.0
Kachinga* 7.9
Dagaa* 1.1
Summed Total – North Rukwa 175.5
BMFC Totals 147.6