22% Market Share – Consistent industry demand.



8% Market Share – Projected to double over next 10 years.



3% Market Share – Potential to double over the next decade.



12% Market Share – Steady ongoing demand.



19% Market Share – Projected to double over 5 years.



Massive growth potential for helium gas as coolant.



Huge potential for helium as superfluid.

Latest News

Latest EU sanctions package bans Russian helium imports

June 24, 2024

Gasworld Gasworld discusses the recently announced EU sanctions banning the import of Russian helium, effective September 26, 2024. The sanctions underscore the fragility of the helium supply chain and the urgent need for diversified sources. Noble’s Mbelele Prospect has the potential to tick all the boxes for successful commercialisation and be part of the solution to securing the world’s helium future. While the full impact of the sanctions is still unclear, with Russia accounting for approximately 12-13% of the global helium supply, the EU’s sanctions have the potential to create a supply gap that will require a diversified solution.


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Noble Helium Investor Webinar June 2024

June 7, 2024

Noble Helium Noble’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Shaun Scott, was joined by Non-executive Chairman, Prof. Andrew Garnett, in providing an operational update on the upcoming appraisal drilling campaign at its Mbelele prospect, as well as an overview of the deeper targets at its North Rukwa Project, Tanzania. Watch the webinar here.


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The history of helium: Properties, reserves, production and uses

June 5, 2024

Innovation News Network The Innovation News Network recently covered the history of Helium. Learn more about the gas we are exploring for in Tanzania. Helium, first discovered on the Sun in 1868 and later on Earth in 1882, is a critical element with unique properties. It boasts the lowest boiling point of any element and high thermal conductivity, making it invaluable in numerous high-tech and medical applications such as MRI machines, aerospace technology, and semiconductor manufacturing. Helium is predominantly extracted from natural gas reserves, with major sources in the United States, particularly in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Wyoming. However, helium is a finite resource, requiring sustainable and innovative extraction methods to ensure a stable future supply. By focusing on the North Rukwa Basin in Tanzania, Noble aims to develop a major new source of this critical resource.


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